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Adding and withdrawing funds to your Account at FTM Capitals is easy, fast and secure. You can choose the method that best suits you to perform those operations, with the knowledge that your Account is protected by state of the art technology and that we’re putting our best efforts and practices – at every level – to make sure your money is safe with us.

We strive to provide our Customers with the smoothest experience and to make it as hassle free as possible. We understand that our Customers expect us to take care of everything we have to in order to let them focus on their task – trading successfully – and that this means letting them add or remove funds from their Accounts as quickly as possible: this is why our team has been highly trained to run procedures in the shortest time possible, especially when a Customer decides to not use one of the automatic methods listed below.


Credit Card

FTM Capitals highly recommends using a credit card in order to fund your Account, especially for the first time. It is fast, it is secure, and most importantly it is automatic – there is no faster way to get trading your way up to success than using a credit card in order to fund your account.

The following Debit/Credit Cards are supported and accepted at FTM Capitals: Visa and MasterCard.

*Please note that Maestro online requires 3D Secure for authentication, so make sure to have received your 3D code from your bank before attempting to deposit using a Maestro card.

Wire Transfer

You can fund your Account directly from your bank using a Wire Transfer, experiencing a higher degree of freedom compared to other methods. We have set up a variety of options in order for your Wire Transfers to get faster into your Account, and to minimize as much as possible the expenses you will incur by using this deposit method – all for your convenience. Please remember to check with your bank if and how much it will cost you to transfer funds through a Wire Transfer, in order to have a complete picture before going ahead and transferring your money.

In order to set up the most convenient Wire Transfer for you, and to make sure that it will be promptly processed, please


In order to insure the safety of our Customer’s Accounts, and to comply with KYC (“Know your customer”) and anti-money laundering/terrorism regulations, we at FTM Capitals take great precautions when it comes to establishing the identity, ownership and legitimacy of our Account holders. Please keep in mind that the procedures listed below have been setup first and foremost for your own protection – in order to insure that the money in your Account will always be in your control, and nobody else’s – and that we have over the years optimized the process to a level that we could now claim to be as fast as possible when it comes to expediting the release of your funds to you. Which is why when we say that your withdrawal processing may take up to 7 days – it could – we actually believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it took much less (read: 48 hours).

These are the documents you will be asked to provide us with – please make sure to have them all available in order to further speed up your withdrawal:

  • To start the process, please send an email to our Compliance department at asking for a withdrawal. Please remember to specify the amount and to attach the documents listed below.
  • A copy/scan of a proof of ID (such as a Passport or a Driver’s License).
  • A copy/scan of a Proof of Address (either a Utility Bill or a Bank Statement sent to your current address).
  • Your Account Number – if applicable.
  • A copy/scan of the credit card(s) you have used to fund your account, if any. Please note that we only need to establish ownership of the card(s) and that these copies/scans will not be used for any other purpose. It is therefore recommended that you only leave your name and the last four digits of your card visible in the documents, further protecting yourself.
  • Voice Signature – Contact your Account Manager to complete the procedure.
  • Filled out and signed DOD (Declaration of Deposits). If you haven’t sent us your DOD already (upon depositing funds into your account), please contact our Compliance Department at the address below and you will be guided through the process.

Documents should be emailed to As soon as your documents are received, you will be updated about the status of your withdrawal request.

It is important for you to know that the same regulations and practices that require us to ask you for this documentation also require us to transfer your funds to you using the same payment method you used to fund your Account in the first place. This means that if you used your credit card(s) to put money into your Account here at FTM Capitals, you will receive your money through the same method, in this case the credit card(s). The same applies to Wire Transfers, and any combination of these methods you may have used over time.

Finally, please be aware that the processing fees for your withdrawal are going to vary according to which method or combination of methods will be used in order to transfer you the funds: Credit Card – 3.5% fee on the amount of your withdrawal / Wire Transfer – 15 USD fee per Wire Transfer.

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