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Terms of Payment

These Terms of Payment must be read together with the Terms and Conditions of Business. The Terms and Conditions of Business apply to any agreement between FTM Capitals and the Client generally, including for the avoidance of doubt the jurisdiction and governing law clause.

  2. All credit and debit card payments for FTM Capitals products and services are collected by II Services Limited.
  3. Fees shall be payable as per invoices issued by FTM Capitals to the Client. Should the Client fails to settle any invoice within a period as shall be specified in the invoice, FTM Capitals reserve the right not to provide any service and/or to discontinue the provision of services, and shall not be responsible for any costs, fees, duties or taxes owed by the Client to any agent and/or government authority in any jurisdiction, any fines or fees incurred by the Client as a result of such withdrawal of services, nor for any consequential loss or claim made against the Client by any third party arising due to the non-payment. Should the Client maintains credit balance with FTM Capitals and fails to settle any invoice within specified deadline, FTM Capitals shall have the right to withdraw the respective due amount from such credit balance without Client’s prior consentFees for services and products offered by FTM Capitals are published from time to time on the FTM Capitals’s web sites, or may be notified to, or agreed with the Clients through direct communication. FTM Capitals reserves the right to, if in our reasonable opinion, the economic conditions so necessitate, increase the fees without obligation to inform, or seek prior approval from, the Client.
  4. The price for any goods or services any sales tax, unless specified otherwise. The total purchase price, including sales tax, if any, will be displayed in the Client’s shopping cart prior to the payment for the order.
  5. FTM Capitals’s fees for providing the Services will be based on the fee schedule in force at the time when the work is being performed. FTM Capitals reserve the right periodically to update the prices on FTM Capitals’s web sites and to add to, amend, or withdraw the products and services that are offered, without prior notice. FTM Capitals shall not be liable to anyone for withdrawing or amending any of the products we sell, or for refusing or failing to process an order.
  6. FTM Capitals will not pay any interest on any money held on behalf of the Client or the Entity.
  8. No refunds are given after Client’s order has been executed by FTM Capitals partially or in full. No refunds will be made where FTM Capitals is forced to refuse and/or cease to provide Services due to any breach by the Client of the warranties, obligations and undertakings as specified in clauses 7-10 of this Terms and Conditions.
  9. Should Client purchases any of the services online via any of the FTM Capitals’s web sites and decides to cancel the order before FTM Capitals start to execute such order, FTM Capitals will refund all monies paid by the Client, except for an administration charge of US$ 200, which include merchant charges, order processing fees and other incidental expenses. The refund can be claimed within 180 days from the day of the payment. No refunds shall be given for the claims exceeding 180 days.
  10. Should FTM Capitals cease to provide Services or should the Client advise FTM Capitals that they no longer require the Entity, the Client must pay FTM Capitals any already incurred fees, which remain outstanding and fees or costs, which may be incurred by FTM Capitals in relation to the striking off, dissolution, liquidation or transfer of the Entity, including FTM Capitals’s transfer, termination or exit fee.
  11. In the case of transfer of administration of the Entity to another service provider, FTM Capitals will charge, and the Client will be obliged to pay, a transfer, or termination, or exit fee, or company release fee in accordance with the fee schedule valid on the date of the transfer, along with all outstanding fees incurred and being owed by the Client to FTM Capitals up to the date of such transfer.


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Beneficiary name: B.C Pacific Group Ltd.


Bank adress: 869 HIGH ROAD London

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